The Internal Battle You Must Win to Receive a Continuously Flow of Blessings 

When you receive the spirit of God, you open yourself to receive an abundance of spiritual blessings that only God can provide. You receive an energetic and healthy body, become emotionally peaceful and happy, become fulfilled and made whole, receive protection, make secure, and not lack the resources needed to live. You receive the spirit of God when you turn towards God and enter an intimate relationship with Him by choosing to rely on Him by continuously staying in love and peace during your challenges. The spirit of love and peace is God, so staying in love and peace draws Him closer to you and helps to create an intimate relationship with Him.

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You are in a spiritual battle to keep you from the spirit of God. Opposing forces are actively working to support you in staying disconnected from Him, and you must fight internally to have the full presence of God in your life. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it. The internal fight involves you actively deciding to turn towards God entirely and rely on Him always. Meaning when you are amid your challenges, heartbreak, mistreatment from others, struggles, or when you are hurt, suffering, or in pain, you make the essential decision at every moment to entirely rely on God. You make that decision spiritually by fighting to keep the love and peace during your struggles. This is a continuous act of surrendering to God that must be done repeatedly to unlock the spirit the God dwelling with you. 

When you’ve been done wrong, you may want to cause pain to others by seeking revenge, but you must fight the internal battle to remove that feeling because you have decided to turn to God for His comfort, not your own. You may have anger, sadness, or worrisome thoughts, but you intensely fight to remove those thoughts to keep the peace and love within you. You will make mistakes during this spiritual battle because you are not perfect, but thankfully God never required you to be. However, this battle is worth fighting to win, so always rely on God and return to peace and love whenever you are not in that spiritual state. Fight this fight for God, and He will reward you by receiving His spirit and living a blessed life. 

Start your spiritual journey by increasing intimacy with God.