Spiritual Paradise On Earth

You have an inner world, and then there is the outer world. They are separate and independent of each other. With God, nothing in the world can impact your inner being. Your inner being can be strong, resilient, and disconnected from the chaos surrounding your life. Many things may try to penetrate your inner wellbeing. You should be overwhelmed, filled with worry, anxiety, and depression with the trauma you’ve been through, but your inner core remains filled with peace and happiness. Love radiates out because you are filled with love. 

When your inner being is not impacted by the happenings of the world around you, you are in spiritual paradise. It’s not a physical place, but this type of paradise follows you wherever you go. It’s a mental, physical, and spiritual state of living. It can only be developed when you have intimacy with God and create a union between you and God’s spirit. This union is based upon love and trust, and you let yourself go and allow God’s spirit to fill you and lead you. The spirit is love, and you willfully surrender to it. (Read: Intimacy with God).

Once you receive intimacy and create a union with God, your life transforms as you are brought into spiritual paradise, a mental, emotional, and physical state of living. It’s like experiencing a taste of heaven while being alive. Your experiences in the world are different. You live with good health, complete happiness, and the feeling of being always loved. You do not worry; you do not live in fear because you are always a peace, protected, and happy. 

Money cannot buy you entrance to spiritual paradise; you must do the work to get there and stay there. Your job is to protect your mind and body, your temple of God. Meditation becomes a daily habit to ensure that thoughts and emotions that may threaten to pull you away from God’s spirit do not settle in your mind. Fasting becomes essential to train you with self-discipline and help maintain high spiritual well-being. The spiritual act of letting go becomes critical to release anything and anybody that do not serve you spiritual wellness. You can’t bring any baggage with you to spiritual paradise; you must let it go at the gateway to earthly heaven.

It all starts with working to create intimacy with God. Start your journey and reap the benefits of having Him as the source of your happiness, peace, protection, and wellbeing.  


Troy Reeves,

Author, Spiritual Wealth Manifestation Series