How The Spirit of God Heals Your Sickness

God loves blessing His children, and those in an intimate relationship with God receives a collection of spiritual blessings, including:

  1. An energetic and healthy body 
  2. Emotionally peaceful and happy 
  3. Fulfillment and made whole 
  4. Protection and security
  5. Not lacking resources, prosperity

A collection of His blessings provides you with spiritual wealth. You receive this type of wealth when you allow God’s spirit to dwell within you and have intimacy with God.

It’s a blessing to have God’s spirit improve your physical health. God’s spirit gives our minds and bodies an insane amount of peace. In that peace, our bodies slow down, becoming more efficient, and our minds find resolutions to emotional turmoil, allowing our bodies to do what it was created to do, to heal. 

Science knows that emotional health is tied to physical health. An emotionally imbalanced mind weakens your body and immune system. Negative emotions also affect lifestyle habits, which in turn can increase the risk for diseases. Unfortunately, many people don’t know the depth of their emotional imbalance. You may have thoughts with negative emotions buried deep in your subconscious that are tearing apart your immune system, causing it not to function correctly. 

Your body has an incredible capacity to heal itself. If you are injured or become ill, your body should quickly and efficiently deal with the problem and restore itself to health. A healthy body fights infection, heals wounds, kills cancer cells, repairs damage, and fights the aging process. However, you may be broken because of past traumas and from experiencing high levels of negative emotions, and the body’s ability to heal is impaired. 

What science doesn’t know yet is the extent of how much physical health improves when the mind and body are completely concealed with the spirit of God’s peace. Take time now to vision how powerful this must be.

The spirit of God has the ability to completely heal past traumas, giving you a level of peace that you’ve never experienced. This level of peace will never abandon you and work in the subconscious mind to heal past emotional traumas. God’s peace is so intense that it spreads throughout your entire mind and body giving your body the ability to do what it was always meant to do, heal itself. Your body in turn operates more efficiently, all bodily functions work together to provide optimal health, and you realize you have the power to end past harmful addictions that are ruining your health. God’s presence literally makes you feel loved and at peace to a very high degree. This is what God wants for you. When His spirit dwells within you, your body and mind transform, experiencing blessings every day of the week. 

Build intimacy with God to build your spiritual wealth, a collection of spiritual blessings.