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Hi, I am an author & speaker about happiness, communion with God, Christ Consciousness, discipline, spiritual wealth, and the Garden of Eden.

My first book, Intimacy with God for Heavenly Life, helps you build a deeper relationship with God, the foundation to receive an abundant amount of spiritual blessings.

Your consciousness is your spiritual identity

Your consciousness is your spiritual identity, your true self. You simply need to express it, but it is covered with mental “junk” that only God, your creator, can free you. Mental junk is your negative emotions, pain from past traumas, suffering, anger, depression, and addictions to substances to alter your mental state. When you remove the mental waste, your spiritual identity shines, and the realization of your connection to your creator, God. 

You then can solidify your connection with God’s love and allow God’s love to transform you by completely surrendering; you can ultimately live in a state of blessed existence. A place where spiritual blessings flow constantly. This is the Garden of Eden. 

Author, Troy Reeves

Intimacy with God for Heavenly Life

You Were Designed to Live in Garden of Eden

You have the remarkable ability to live in a paradisiacal spiritual state of consciousness, also known as the Garden of Eden. In this state, you live in a blessed state of existence. God grants access to the Garden of Eden as He is the creator over heaven and earth. While difficult to understand, God designed us to live in a blessed state as we live our earthly lives. God always intended for us to live this way, as it is a significant component of the prophecy in Revelations. 

Revelations 22:14 – Blessed are those who wash their robes, so that they may have the right to the tree of life and that they may enter the city by the gates.

He gives you the key to the “new city,” as mentioned in Revelations, or the Garden of Eden when you receive Christ Consciousness, the union between the human spirit and God’s Spirit. When God reveals Himself to you by experiencing His love and presence, your mind begins to transform into Christ Consciousness, the union with God. You are reborn and renewed by removing past falsehoods that had prevented you from spiritually evolving. It is terrifying, lonely, and heartbreaking to undergo this transformation, but you will discover a magnitude of peace and love that allows you to enter the Garden of Eden. 

At this point, nothing blocks you from experiencing the pleasures and benefits of having a direct relationship with God. You will have a deep, very close relationship with Him based on love, communication, respect, and dependency. To start your journey to build a close relationship with God to receive a heavenly, read, “Intimacy With God for Heavenly Life.”

To be prepared to enter the Garden of Eden, your body transforms to become a temple of God, and you become a living sacrifice for God. You do this by practicing self-care. God’s spirit dwells within your body, and you must keep it clean. You remove any substance abuse or dependencies to alter your emotional state that impacts your wellbeing; you do not have any addictions, including food. You rely solely on God for your wellbeing, which pleases Him greatly. You practice meditation and letting go to improve mental health and surrender any problem to God, as you put Him in direct control over your life.

Romans 12:1-2 – 1 Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship.

You will live with robust health, prosperity, continuous blessings, and unlimited happiness for the rest of your life, as God will never abandon you. God designed and will bring you into a new life. While you live in this physical world, you also live in a spiritual paradise. 

Written by:

Troy Reeves

Author, Intimate with God for Heavenly Life

Steps to Enter the Garden of Eden

We are in a period where God is bringing people back to the Garden of Eden, a spiritual paradise where you can live in a blessed state of existence. Revelations mentions a city where the spirit of God resides, filled with people who worship Him day and night. (Revelations 22: 14-15)

I have entered and currently live in the Garden of Eden. Please read my story to know more. Furthermore, I profoundly understand how to get one to join. Three things must happen to enter the Garden of Eden:

  1. You must develop a spiritual connection with God and receive His spirit. You must work to build intimacy with God. Read my book to help create deep intimacy with God.
  2. You must create a clean body to become a temple for His spirit to dwell. This makes you become a living sacrifice.
  3. You must show good behavior and have character pleasing to God. You don’t have to be perfect like Jesus, but you must show good intentions. He helps you receive His divine nature, transcending your human nature.  

God evaluates all hearts. (Jeremiah 17:10 ) Forgiveness, kindness, good-hearted, and being helpful get you noticed by God. 

You may physically live in this world but mentally and spiritually reside in spiritual paradise. 

Build intimacy with God to enter the Garden of Eden. God is bringing us back.

Trust Is Needed To Enter Spiritual Paradise

Spiritual paradise is being connected to heaven while living on earth and receiving a continuous flow of spiritual blessings, something only God can provide. It is your job to care for His temple, which is your mind and body, to enter and maintain residency. 

Three requirements to enter spiritual paradise:

  1. A strong spiritual connection to God
  2. A clean temple of God, your body
  3. Show good character and behavior

A solid connection to God requires that your relationship with Him be air-tight.  There must be intimacy. However, this can be a challenge because people struggle to put complete faith in God. Nevertheless, this is non-negotiable as it is an absolute requirement. 

When you pray for situations in your life to work in your favor, it can be sad and depressing when things don’t go as expected. God does not want this for you. He wants to provide everything for you and create a bright, happy life full of beautiful experiences. This happens when you enter spiritual paradise and allow God to lead. But you need to have complete trust in Him.

In spiritual paradise, God is in the driver’s seat in your life, and you are the passenger. If things don’t go as expected in your life, you remain positive and thankful for God’s direction and leadership. Sometimes not getting what we desire is a blessing. Things we think we want may eventually harm our health and wellbeing. You may never know, but God does. Therefore, we must be patient and trust God to direct our lives. 

But how do you have the courage to have complete faith in God’s leadership? By surrendering and recognizing His absolute authority over your life. Here is a passage from my book, Intimacy With God For Heavenly Life

Placing trust in God involved surrendering yourself to Him. Surrendering means recognizing that God has ultimate authority over your life. He is the one that dominates you, and willingly you allow Him. As problems and situations arise in your life, you surrender by remaining peaceful and joyful because you have given the situation over to God. Surrendering builds a deeper level of intimacy. It actively shows God that you are putting Him in charge of your life, bringing God closer to you.

No matter how uncertain things may become, always remain joyful and peaceful because you have surrendered your control and given it to God.  God knows what’s best for you. He will provide you with only the best when you join Him in spiritual paradise. 

Here is another passage about having complete trust in God from my book, Intimacy With God For Heavenly Life. 

“There is nothing beyond trust in a relationship [with God]. While so much is unknown about life, nothing further is needed outside of completely trusting in God. You don’t have all the answers, nor do you have them to live a heavenly life. As a young child with a limited perspective who does not understand the world’s ways and places trust in parents, you will put complete trust in God.”

Because of human nature, we tend to worry and fret in moments of uncertainty. However, God does not want us to live by human nature but become transformed into His nature. We need this to happen to enter spiritual paradise. With His spirit, there is no worry over uncertainty. There is only peace. You do not know the future, but you know who controls it, giving you comfort, security, and unlimited happiness. 

By: Troy Reeves

Author of Spiritual Wealth Manifestation Collections

Intimacy with God is required to enter Spiritual Paradise… This journal helps you build deeper intimacy with God.

Summary of Spiritual Paradise

This is what you need to know about spiritual paradise:

  • Spiritual paradise is being connected to heaven while living on Earth.
  • God rules spiritual paradise.
    • God decides who enters spiritual paradise as He evaluates all hearts.
    • Only God can provide heaven on earth.
    • We do nothing to influence spiritual paradise. We can only live there.
      • Our only work is to sustain the connection and keep His temple, our bodies, clean.
  • On earth, 2 states of living:  Heaven or Hell
  • We are born into hell (sin), but God can transform us to live in paradise.
  • The devil stands outside the gate of spiritual paradise trying to stop us from moving into it.
    • The battle and his attacks are extremely intense.
    • Attacks are both mentally and physically to prevent us from connecting to God, showing good character, and keeping our temple’s clean.


Troy Reeves,

Author, Spiritual Wealth Manifestation Series