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Receive your journal to discover spiritual treasures within you.

The Spiritual Wealth Manifestation Journals help you discover and collect spiritual treasures found within yourself to manifest spiritual wealth and receive everything you hoped money could buy:

1. Fulfillment and satisfaction

2. Prosperity and success

3. Security and comfort with good health

Financial wealth is essential, but spiritual wealth is necessary to live a high-quality life. Unfortunately, people spend more physical and mental energy building financial wealth while neglecting building spiritual wealth. Build both and make increasing your spiritual wealth the #1 priority.

Money is essential. It is a resource that helps people live a satisfying, high-quality life, but money isn’t the optimal resource to live. You can have all the money in the world and still feel unhappy, but you cannot be unhappy if you have spiritual wealth. Instead, you live life with many positive emotions, blessings, and experiences. Having spiritual wealth provides you with high wellbeing, including financial wellbeing.

The Spiritual Wealth Manifestation Journals is Law of Attraction Infinity

Intimacy with God

One of the overlooked spiritual laws that need to be applied to use the Law of Attraction is the Law of Oneness, which means you have the potential to be united with God. This law is mostly never mentioned when explaining the Law of Attraction but is necessary to “practice” it. This meditation and guided journal drive deeper intimacy with God, your creator, using the Law of Oneness to discover an essential spiritual treasure in this world, a heavenly life. Cultivating a relationship with God builds intimacy, a profound union based on love.