Steps to Enter the Garden of Eden

We are in a period where God is bringing people back to the Garden of Eden, a spiritual paradise where you can live in a blessed state of existence. Revelations mentions a city where the spirit of God resides, filled with people who worship Him day and night. (Revelations 22: 14-15)

I have entered and currently live in the Garden of Eden. Please read my story to know more. Furthermore, I profoundly understand how to get one to join. Three things must happen to enter the Garden of Eden:

  1. You must develop a spiritual connection with God and receive His spirit. You must work to build intimacy with God. Read my book to help create deep intimacy with God.
  2. You must create a clean body to become a temple for His spirit to dwell. This makes you become a living sacrifice.
  3. You must show good behavior and have character pleasing to God. You don’t have to be perfect like Jesus, but you must show good intentions. He helps you receive His divine nature, transcending your human nature.  

God evaluates all hearts. (Jeremiah 17:10 ) Forgiveness, kindness, good-hearted, and being helpful get you noticed by God. 

You may physically live in this world but mentally and spiritually reside in spiritual paradise. 

Build intimacy with God to enter the Garden of Eden. God is bringing us back.

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