Summary of Spiritual Paradise

This is what you need to know about spiritual paradise:

  • Spiritual paradise is being connected to heaven while living on Earth.
  • God rules spiritual paradise.
    • God decides who enters spiritual paradise as He evaluates all hearts.
    • Only God can provide heaven on earth.
    • We do nothing to influence spiritual paradise. We can only live there.
      • Our only work is to sustain the connection and keep His temple, our bodies, clean.
  • On earth, 2 states of living:  Heaven or Hell
  • We are born into hell (sin), but God can transform us to live in paradise.
  • The devil stands outside the gate of spiritual paradise trying to stop us from moving into it.
    • The battle and his attacks are extremely intense.
    • Attacks are both mentally and physically to prevent us from connecting to God, showing good character, and keeping our temple’s clean.


Troy Reeves,

Author, Spiritual Wealth Manifestation Series

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