The Spiritual Flow of Happiness 

A spiritual flow exists in this world that provides a steady stream of an abundance of happiness, fulfillment, health, contentment, love, peace, and security. My passion is to help you become spiritually connected to the flow because I remember my life without it. The pain, suffering, heartbreak, fear, and anxiety were unbearable. It led me down a path of addiction, anxiety, depression, and sadness. However, since I developed intimacy with God and being filled with His spirit, I made a complete change and now am full of happiness, joy, peace, contentment, and I feel His love for me daily. I overcame my addictions, removed the depression, and am now filled with happiness. I fought opposing forces trying to keep me away from God’s spirit. It was a hard battle but worth putting in the effort to win the spiritual warfare.

Spiritual happiness can only be found by taking the journey within yourself to remove opposing barriers that prevent you from having it. 

Happiness is like having an internal celebration of victory within yourself. It is a mental state characterized by joy, satisfaction, contentment, and fulfillment.  You find spiritual happiness after fighting and winning your internal spiritual battle by learning to rely on God entirely. To have real, unconditional happiness, you will no longer rely on external conditions, like money, relationships, success, or expectations. 

Unfortunately, you are filled with the emotional and mental damage of past traumas, negative emotions, and anxiety. You are blocked from having sustained happiness. Until you remove the baggage and develop intimacy with your creator’s spirit, then you won’t have real happiness. Like I have done, you need to take the inner journey to find God’s source of happiness. Find and face the darkness within yourself and let go of the opposing forces keeping you away from God’s spirit of love, peace, and happiness. 

Spiritual Wealth Manifestation – law of attractions infinity

  1. Develop intimacy with God
  2. Let go of negative thoughts and emotional impact of past traumas
  3. Fight opposing forces that will try to keep you away from God’s spirit
  4. Obtain spiritual wealth – a collection of spiritual blessings:
    1. Healthy body, happiness, peace, feeling whole, contentment, and security

Troy Reeves, Author of the spiritual wealth manifestation collections

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