Power of Letting Go

My past writings were 100% focused on building intimacy with God. I made it the first part of the spiritual wealth collection book series because intimacy with God is the foundation of living a blessed life. If you believe in the law of attractions, and like me, want God ALWAYS to bless you every second of every day, then you need to have intimacy with God. 

You can have high amounts of spiritual wealth, a collection of blessings that transforms your life from ordinary to extraordinary. I dedicate my writings and videos to help you do that, and intimacy with God is the foundation. Read my book on Amazon to start the process of building a deeper relationship with God. 

However, it’s time to focus on the next part of increasing spiritual wealth and to receive a continuous flow of happiness and blessings, which is letting go. It will be the basis of the next book in the Spiritual Wealth Manifestation collection. I am hoping to release by the end of April / early May. 

To start, here is a summary of why letting go is so important to build spiritual wealth:

The spirit of God is all around you, and it is within you, but the spirit must lead your life to receive a continuous flow of blessings. Having intimacy with God and letting things go to surrender to His spirit places God in the driver’s seat of your life. God then puts you on a flow to receive continuous spiritual blessings, and happiness is constant. 

Your job then becomes to stay vigilant and let go of anything that could potentially limit God’s presence in your life—letting go of negative emotions, disappointment, worry, fear, anger, sadness, and past traumas. Your job is to stay with God and always allow His spirit to guide your life, no matter what. 

About the author:

Troy Reeves is an author of the Spiritual Wealth Manifestation book collection. The Spiritual Wealth Manifestation books help you increase your spiritual wealth, a collection of blessings. The benefit of these blessings are:

  1. An energetic and healthy body 
  2. Emotionally peaceful and happy 
  3. Fulfillment and made whole 
  4. Protection and security
  5. Not lacking resources, prosperity

Troy’s first book is Treasure #1: Intimacy with God for Heavenly Life, which helps you build deep intimacy with God based on love, trust, respect, dependency, and communication. 

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